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View Article  Who Needs Facts?

Facts and the Bush administration are like oil and water - they don't mix.  Atilla the Bush and his army of self-interested neocons came bearing down on our capitol nearly four years ago with specific plans to lay to waste policies, regulations and more than 200 years worth of national philosophy.  With such radical and earnest ambitions they just didn't have time to bother with small details like facts or the truth.

What they all have shown us discerning Americans is that they can thrive in the Orwellian world that they have created, doing one thing, then saying the opposite, all the while knowing that those Americans who support the president will practice a willing suspension of disbelief, buying into anything they are told, no matter what mountain of facts point to the contrary.

We know that the Bush White House has not played straight with us on any issue or policy matter.  We also are painfully aware that there has, to date, been no backlash, that fifty percent of Americans polled believe every word he and his henchmen tell us.

The litany of examples is quite lengthy.  Bush sold middle class America on tax cuts, yet more than sixty percent of those cuts went to the wealthiest ten percent of the population.  The fact is that he squandered a half-trillion dollar surplus on tax cuts for the wealthy, leaving no money for important homeland security issues.  States have recieved less federal money, and the result has been that our states have had to raise various taxes to balance things out.  Yet, much of America still believes Bush did absolutely the right thing. 

 He has repealed and ignored more than four hundred environmental laws and regulations.  The gutting of these laws benefit only industries that pollute heavily, yet Bush tells Americans that our skies and our waterways will be cleaner as a result of his "policies."  Time and again this administration has ignored scientific fact to further their industry controlled ecologic agenda.  Allowing higher levels of mercury in the air and water, then telling the public that these new levels are acceptable is just one instance.  Re-defining global warming is another.  And again half of America believes him.

Bush has told us why we needed to go to war against Iraq, even though there has been no proven link to terrorism or weapons of mass destruction.  In fact, his reasons have kept changing over the last twenty months, and half of America believes him every time.  Half of us have come to believe those lame excuses for not finding WMD's.  Half of us actually believe Bush and Cheney when they pathetically try to assert, despite all credible sources that speak to the contrary, that there REALLY REALLY REALLY is a link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.  Now he wants us to believe that we are the great liberators of the world and it is our god given duty and right to force democracy on less fortunate countries.  Half of us still believe that there was no shift in policy at cabinet level to degrade, abuse and torture prisoners in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo, even though testimony and memos prove otherwise.  In other words, don't believe your lying eyes - believe what we tell you.  Again, it seems to work.  Abu Ghraib is all but swept under the carpet and out of our memories.

And now, here it is, some sixteen months since we invaded Iraq.  There is overwhelming evidence that every facet of our "liberation" of the Iraqi people is a miserable failure.  NOT SO!  says president Bush.  Everything is fine.  He tells us we are winning the war on terror, and that great progress is being made in liberating the cities under the control of "insurgents."Pay no attention to the fact that his policies have been the best recruiting tool for al-Qaeda and other radical organizations.  Pay no attention that Iraq is far less secure now than it was after the fall of Baghdad.  Pay no attention to the fact that the level of violence has dramatically increased, and that American service personnel are being maimed and killed at a much higher rate than in the past.  And pay no attention to the CIA report that came out yesterday, which gave the best case scenario as being able to avert a civil war in the next year.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement of how well things are going over there.  And still, I am certain that half of America will believe Bush.  Because, after all, as long as Bush re-assures us, says all the right things, makes us feel good about ourselves as true patriots, it really doesn't matter what he does.  It's like he once told Bob Woodward - history will judge him long after he is dead.

One last thing.  I have a challenge for all of the Bush supporters who have children at least 18 years old.  If you believe everything your man tells you, if you think this is a just war, if you believe your man is doing the right thing and making good decisions about this war, then you should have no problem offering up your children for this just and righteous cause.  Then, after your sons and daughters come home in body bags, you can feel secure in the knowledge that this was worth giving your child's life for.  That is, of course, if you REALLY believe your president.

Joe Fields        

View Article  Bush's War Crime

Both Bush and Blair should have to stand trial for war crimes committed in this ongoing occupation of Iraq.  The U.S. and U.K.'s liberal usage of warheads tipped with depleted uranium is a crime against nature and a crime against mankind. The use of these uranium tipped ordnance, and the refusal to acknowledge the long-term dangers of it remain a source of cover-up by Washington.

Leukemia, malignant tumors, cancers and birth defects are all the legacy of depleted uranium ammunition used.  With a half-life of 4.5 billion years, depleted uranium will forever create health problems in the gulf region.  There is no telling how many Afghan and Iraqi citizens have been exposed to it, and are showing signs of adverse health because of it.  But we do know this much - depleted uranium ordnance was used extensively in the first Gulf War.  Although 467 soldiers were "officially" wounded, there are 179,310 service people who are recieving disability compensation because of DU.  There are still 24,760 cases from the first Gulf War STILL pending...  That is a remarkable one third of the nearly 600,000 service men and women who served, who now have medical problems due to our own depleted uranium ordnance. 

But it unfortunately hasn't stopped there.  Fully one third of pregnencies from gulf war vets and spouses have resulted in severe birth defects.  The results have been devastating, with babies born with tumors, babies born with no limbs, no eyes, and in some cases, babies who are almost unrecognizable as a lifeform. 

And still the U.S. government won't officially recognize it's responsibility to it's own citizens and the rest of the world.  Make no mistake - the government DOES have a responsibility.  Army regulation AR700-48 stipulates that the army has a responsibility to isolate, label and decontaminate radioactive equipment and sites, and render prompt medical care for exposed individuals. 

Fast forward to our current war.  So far, of the 168,528 veterans who have participated in this latest conflict, and who have since left active duty, there are 27,571 who have sought treatment for depleted uranium maladies.  God only knows what the final toll will be. 

How can we knowingly unleash such irresponsible and illegal agents on mankind?  How can the government knowingly do this to it's own servicemen and women?  The leader of the free world should be held resonsible by the rest of the world for his actions.  Unfortunately, it will be just another scandal that will be clumsily swept under the carpet.

Joe Fields   

View Article  Wait Just A Damned Minute!

It seems the media is already tiring of the controversy concerning the "liar-in-thief's" lack of National Guard service.  Just this morning, MSNBC's Randy Meyer told two political strategists that the public was getting tired of hashing over some things that happened 35 years ago, and he asked when we, the viewers were going to see the two candidates focus on the issues.

Wait just a damned minute here!  Something is amiss!  Didn't we just indulge the rabid press corps on three weeks of unfounded swift boat veteran attacks - smears that were continually disproven, but yet were reported on ad-nauseum?  And isn't it the press that determines what will be covered?

It seems the press, once again is asleep at the wheel.  Where the hell have they been?  The press has been covering the Kerry campaign for more than nine months now, and they are telling them that it's time to focus on the issues?  Where was the media when that was all John Kerry tried to dicuss?  John Kerry has tried to focus on issues when he hasn't had to fend off lies and smears about his record.  When he has focused on issues, the media has chided him for taking too long to rebut false charges concerning his duty to his country.  Since the media made Kerry's record fair game, it is only fair that Bush's service be scrutinized.  The charges leveled at Bush seem more sdubstantial and fact based, but it seems the media isn't too concerned with seeing this story to it's bitter conclusion. I demand equal time! 

It is hypocritical for the media to allow seven months of negative advertising to be directed non-stop by the Bush camp toward Kerry, while Kerry has tried to focus on issues, but then, when Kerry comes out swinging, both the Bush campaign and the press now decide it's time to focus on the issues.  The Bush people claim that Bush's record has been covered before and that it is dirty politics to bring something that was already settled back into play.  Well Bush's record has never been "settled," and it looks again as if the media is going to take another dive on it.   The Bush campaign is also hitting the Kerry camp hard by complaining that all Kerry does is use negative campaigning to stir up trouble and not talk about the issues.  In truth it is just exactly the opposite.  Bush has yet to specifically outline his plans for a second term.  Now it looks as though he is being let off the hook.  Kerry, on the other hand would like nothing more than to cover the issues, and has made a Herculean effort to do so, but Bush campaign guerrilla-style hit and run tactics make it hard for Kerry to stay on message.

Shame on the media for playing games in this election process.  I wouldn't give a cup of warm spit for the lot of them.

Joe Fields